SM-TIS (Survey Master – Tunnel Inspection System)

SM-TIS system can be put on the path / track exactly where needed and pushed at walking speed through the section of path / track to be scanned.

Our Mobile scanner unit measures cross-profile sections perpendicular to the path / track axis center line in the 2D mode. At the same time the path / track geometry parameters, super elevation and gauge are recorded continuously. At a constant scanner frequency, the point density in the longitudinal direction is defined directly by the system speed, in the cross-section by the selected scan resolution. Uneven measuring speeds are automatically synchronized during the subsequent data processing.

On arrival at the work site, our system is quickly assembled and ready for measuring – as soon as path / track access is available it can be rapidly deployed. The SM-TIS Scan Control module is used for automatic measured data acquisition on the path / track. Touch screen technology provides convenient management of data acquisition including scan geometry, reflectivity and track geometry data.

Tunnel Inspection System


Tunnel Inspection System

The operator sees the cross-section currently being measured in real-time as well as the track parameters including speed of travel. If the recommended speed for the specific project is exceeded, the display immediately changes to red and alarms the user. In the continuous recording mode, all objects are acquired automatically, therefore avoiding incomplete observations and time consuming re-surveys

Customer Benefits

  • Mobile measuring system with excellent data quality

  • Flexible and easy to use without additional support

  • Controlling the area of tunnel blasting

  • Controlling the thickness of sprayed-concrete

  • Scaled images for high quality state documentation

  • Cost-optimized planning

  • Extensive spare parts stock- rapid response

  • Independent of the lighting conditions