About Aditya Technologies
Who We Are & What We Do

ADITYA TECHNOLOGIES a professionally managed company, engaged in the weighing Automation Activities Incorporated in February 2002. A trusted name engaged in the innovative advanced cloud based weighing Automation Activities. The company offers a complete range of products for core sectors such as Rail In-motion Weighing Systems, Rail Static Weighing System, Portable Rail Weighing System, Automatic Fly Ash Loading System, Crane Weighing System , Road Weigh Bridge, Wireless Axle weigh pad , Weigh In Motion , Bending Plate (WIM) Technology, and On Board Weighing Solution for Earth moving equipments i.e. Wheel Loaders, Excavators, Dumpers, Trucks, Forklifts, Reach Stackers, Cranes and all type of Material handlers and Truck Volumetric Dynamic Measurement, Railway Wagon volumetric Measurement system, also providing complete weighing solution for steel plants i.e Ladle Car / Torpedo ladle car Weighing, Billet Weighing, Tundish & Turret Weighing, Pusher Car & Quenching Car Weighing, and other weighing automation from design through implementation to operation and customized product development.

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ADITYA with many years of field experience has enabled us to develop rugged, simpler yet most accurate weighing and monitoring system for various industries. Our products are being developed in such a manner that can continuously perform even in tough environmental condition without a loss of accuracy. ADITYA provides customized solution for the individual customer requirements with our Custom - build products. Our system can be integrated with most industry standard communication protocol and data format across the plant, warehouse and logging system to provide valuable trade information, general monitoring and quality control. We work with a outlook that “bring positive changes in every step” to get best cost effective product and solution to the vast customer need.

Our Vision

To provide innovative weighing solution for technically challenged applications for core sectors

Our Mission

To be recognized as innovative global solution provider The products to reach and benefit all sector of the people in the society To supply the products with ZERO DEFECTS