Wagon Trippler Weighing System

When transporting bulk materials by rail using wagon tipplers, quick and efficient unloading is vital and can have an impact on your bottom line.

Our wagon tippler weighing system is a static weighing scale integrated with a wagon tippler. It is designed to weigh the wagon before and after the tippling operation, enabling quick and accurate gross and tare weight readings to be taken as efficiently as possible.

Weighs loose bulk materials

Our wagon tippler scale is designed to weigh loose bulk materials, such as Coal, Coke, Lignite, Iron Ore, Limestone, dolomite etc. from the open type railway wagons

Custom made scale to fit your wagon tippler

The wagon tippler scale is custom made to suit the dimensions of the wagon tippler and is available in a range of capacities, up to 150 tons.

This weighing system can be made suitable for various types of Wagon Tipplers such as BOY,BOX, BOXN ,BOXNHA, BOXNHL,BOST, BOXN25, DFC25, DFC32.5 MKD-11 I OZ/0 etc

Integrates with existing wagon-tippler control systems

Our wagon tippler scale can be integrated with your wagon tippler control system with signal interlocks and data communication.

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